Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Night On The Town....of Skokie

Today my husband and I went to see some Rat Pack impersonators. The name of their show is The Rat Pack is Back.
Now, I never heard of Joey Bishop before today, but apparently, he was really funny.

My Favorite Joke of the Evening
A couple of old friends are trying to play a round of golf when they catch up with two women. They watch with mounting frustration as the ladies manage to hit every water hazard, bunker and piece of rough - without waving them through, as golf etiquette requires. After two tedious hours of waiting, one of the men decides enough is enough and walks over to ask them if he can play through. He strides up the fairway, but halfway up stops suddenly and quickly returns. "I can't do it," he says to his playing partner. "One of those women is my wife, and the other is my mistress! Maybe it'd be better if you went to talk to them." The second man agrees, but halfway there he too, noticeably slows down, stops and returns, just like his colleague had done. "What's up?" asks the first man. "I tell you what," says the second man, gazing at his shoes and smiling sheepishly. "It's a small world, isn't it?"

Bob's Favorite Joke of the Evening
A man driving on the highway is pulled up by a police officer on a bike. The officer says, "Pull over", and the driver pulls over to the side of the road.
He says, "I'm sorry, officer, was I speeding?".
The police officer says, "No, buddy, but your wife fell out of the car a mile back."
The man replies, "Oh, that explains it. I thought I was going deaf."

I trust that Bob's taste in jokes is no more a reflection of experience than mine is: I'm a good and faithful wife. Well, faithful at least. So I trust that Bob wasn't laughing so hard because he wants me to shut up.


Helen said...

C'mon Katdish, how about a "that's what SHE said..."

katdish said...

That's what she said.

Seriously? You've never heard of Joey Bishop? Who do you think was the voice of the aardvark on The Pink Panther cartoon?

That's right - Joey Bishop.

Now I'm going to bed. Happy Mother's Day everyone! (except you guys)

Candace Jean July 16 said...

Joey Bishop?? I kicked the slats out of my cradle to Joey Bishop! He was my daddy's favorite of the Rat Pack. Isn't Helen older than Katdish (but not by much)? Helen, as Chicago-y and traveled as you are, you surprise me.

But at least you're funny, in an "I've-never-heard-of-Joey-Bishop" sort of way.

Happy Mother's Day to all of you, whether or not you're a mother. If you aren't one, you at least have had one, and that's a reason to woot.

Nick the Geek said...


Richard said...

i like those jokes :)

Marni said...

I love Joey Bishop...he was my second-favorite rat-packer (just behind Dean Martin) That show sounded like a blast Helen. We don't get that kind of culture around here ;-)