Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's day

Ladies of FOTTSP please take today off. I know this seems impossible with all the things you know need to be done, but I'm here to help. Big thanks to Stacy from Louisville for linking to this back on April 18th on SCL. She claims this is her anthem and I certainly believe here. So ladies turn up your volume and let this loop all day while you sneak off to a day spa. The fact that this lady only breaths a couple of times in the whole thing proves she is a mom use to yelling so your family won't suspect a thing. Lock the door and climb out a window.

Don't say I never did anything for you. Have a wonderful Mother's Day.


katdish said...

Thanks, Nick!

As a gift to your wife, try not to blow yourself up or anything today.

Beth said...

I've seen Anita Renfro live and she is hilarious.

Thanks, Nick. You da bomb.

I'm eating a big bowl of chocolate pudding as we

Marni said...

This song cracks me up. Thanks Nick!! ;-) I gotta go now...this song reminds me of about 8 dozen things I need to say to my kids.