Monday, April 27, 2009

Chicken Droppings Anyone?

Big AL and I went away for our little Harley riding excursion and stayed at very nice southern Bed and Breakfast called THE ROSE HOTEL.

There were travelers lodging there from all over the US, and one couple that we hit it off with very well traveled there from the state of Alabama.

We shared many laughs and spouted off different redneck jokes from our areas.

I think they have us beat though, when they shared about the very popular CHICKEN DROP gambling that is HUGE in Alabama , they say. They have won hundreds of dollars placing bets!

I don't know if I'm alone, but I had never heard of this although after I googled it, I found that my new friends were indeed telling me the truth, as I found blogs highlighting it, advertisement for it and photos from experienced "Chicken drop" addicts!

Here are the rules.

You feed a chicken something that will make him pretty...."regular", then "drop him" (gently) into the cage that has a bingo card of sorts on the floor. Gamblers pay money to buy a square (or a few squares) in hopes that the chicken will choose their square to "drop" it's lunch on.

Here's a short clip so you can get the "visual".

Winner takes all...including cleaning duties!

They say this is a big money maker in many local bars (as long as they don't serve food in the establishment it is allowed) and also has been a fundraiser for high school functions!

They claim the chickens are not harmed in any way- maybe just their pride...I don't know, I always like a little privacy when the feeling hits.

Have you ever heard of this?

Kinda' gives a whole new meaning to "Hey look, a chicken!"


Nick the Geek said...

chickens and crap ... yeah sounds like Hey look a chicken ... what ever happened to those Brats dolls?

sherri said...

Nick- had you heard of this before? Have Big AL and I been living under a rock?

Beth said...

I have not heard of this either, Sherri. The rock you live under must span to Indiana.

Candace Jean July 16 said...

Coming from the heart of farm country, where chickens roam the streets and every church publishes a "365 ways to prepare chicken" cookbook....I've never heard of it either. Same rock, different state.

Can you imagine the panic in katdish's head if she were roaming the streets with chickens here?

Nick the Geek said...

Unfortunately I have heard of this. I have strange family in deep dark parts of the country like the mountains in Alabama and Georgia.

sherri said...

Beth and Candace- I thought I was losing my "hipness". Seems as though this stuff is everywhere! Good to know thaere's other chicken drop free zones around the globe.

Nick- now that I know you have relatives from the back woods...well, that explains alot.

Steph @Red Clay Diaries said...

This is Red Clay material if I ever heard of it. But it's new to me.

I guess I haven't lived here long enough for them to initiate me into the secret chicken dropping society.


Wendy said...

Can we get a chicken for this blog? Hmmm? Can we? Can we? Then we can all sit around and wait for poop.

sherri said...

Wendy- I think a chicken gambling ring on this sight is EXACTLY what we need! Perfect!

Talk to kat and see what she thinks. It's WAY better than selling those crystal prayer necklaces to unsuspecting people.

Is there any laws prohibiting gambling on a blogsite?

Nick? What say you?

sherri said...

Steph- ask around and see if it's happening in your area and you can go to one and video it for us- take Charlie with you. PLEASE?

Helen said...

I do believe that internet gambling is no longer allowed.

sherri said...

Helen- Even chicken drop gambling? Are you sure? Even in Alabama? Let's just all say we're from Alabama.

If we're going start a gambling ring, we may as well start lying too.

Hey, I've got a couple of squirrels that could put on a good half-time show! (We'd have to ask for ID though. Definitely appealing to the over 21 crowd).

Shark Bait said...

Believe it or not I have actually heard of this being done, but only with cows. It is apparently called Bovine Bingo, and is quite big in the farming community.

No, seriously.

Candace Jean July 16 said...

Never heard of Bovine Bingo either, but we certainly did our share of cow-chip tossing when I was growing up. It's an annual competition at the Iowa State Fair, right next to the butter cow.

sherri said...

Shark Bait- aren't you a lawyer in your spare time? Can you check to see of Internet Chicken drop gambling is legal? Or see if there are any loopholes ?

Candy- I certainly hope you washed your hands with bleach afterwards. Tossing cow chips....what was your prize? Wait, don't tell me. I don't think I want to know.

Marni said...

We have something to that where I live. But we use cows and big fields. You just go out and mark off squares in a pasture, number them and then wait for the cows to detonate. Cowpie Bingo. All the cool kids are doing it. Anyone here ever do it? Anyone? Am I that big of a redneck?

katdish said...

Sort of give a whole new meaning to "Chicken is a Basket". Or is that "Chicken in a biscuit"? Either way, I'm not eating those crackers anymore.