Thursday, February 5, 2009

Humor Me

So, everyone who is anyone on Facebook has tagged me for this '25 Things About Myself' dingjabby thing and I've resisted until now. This year is my 20th reunion and I don't want to freak everyone out who will see me there with my answers (especially those who converse with my ex), so I'm going to post it here. Besides, this is an 'outta there' bunch lead by Katdish herself, so this will probably be as normal as taking your lemming for a walk along the great cliffs of Dover or something like that.

1. 86° is the perfect temperature. All year long. (and we have NO humidity in Bend.)
2. I amuse myself. Sometimes.
3. The best place I've ever lived was 17 Johsnson St, Big Horn, WY (pop 217). It was on the corner and across the street to the west was a Texas Longhorn ranch and across the street to the south was the Last Chance Tavern with a drive. up. window.
4. Best thing about Big Horn, we could snowmobile down the street to the market for hot chocolate and homemade donuts. And the pheasants, wild turkeys and deer in our yard.
5. Jon probably thinks I'm crazy.
6. I sang my first solo in the Nazarene church at the age of 5. It was Stand Up For Jesus.
7. My grandmother bought me a piano (that I still have) at the age of 5.
8. I was the chubby kid growing up.
9. I raise co-dependant animals, so I've been told. (Not on purpose)
10. I act tough but I cry at anything. Seriously. Music in church...crybaby.
11. I coach volleyball because I dig developing relationships with the kids in high school.
12. I didn't go to college until I was 30. Straight A's. (Not sure what was so tough about high school.)
13. I was going to get a tattoo when I got divorced. My daughter is still trying to get me to get one..with her..when she turns 18.
14. I've had too many last names.
15. I drove a truck nicknamed the 'green weenie' in high school.
16. There are over 300 homeless kids in our school district and that greatly distresses me.
17. I have lost a lot of my humor since the election.
18. Vodka is devil's water. Never. Drink. It. (speaking from experience)
19. I was a nanny for very wealthy people in the DC area after high school.
20. If you tell me I can't do something I'll prove you wrong.
21. I am saddened by how my divorce and 2nd marriage have affected my kids.
22. The tough girl in me comes from enduring years of being made fun of, so I'm over-protective of the underdog to a fault now.
23. I love sitting around with my kids and laughing about silly stuff.
24. Growing up there were 5 in my family and when we get together it is the best time ever.
25. Despite 'stuff', God has blessed me beyond measure and I'm thankful for His grace.


katdish said...

26. Annie is wicked awesome.

sherri said...

Annie, I love these kinds of posts.
Your experiences have turned you into a great lady-ANd you know how I feel about the tattoo thing.I'm a reformed tattoo hater. Now I kiss 'em when I see 'em (only on people I know well, and depending on where they're located!)

I also made sraight A's in college in my thirtys. (Was a VERY social B student in high school). I think the sudden intelligence comes from paying your own bill.

Steph at The Red Clay Diaries said...

ANOTHER thing in common? Did you grow up in the Nazarene church? I grew up Baptist, but I ended up in college at Point Loma Nazarene in San Diego.

So... How old were you when you rebelled against all THEIR rules?

For those who aren't acquainted with the Nazbos, the most conservative of them have problems with drinking, smoking, chewing, wearing jewelry, playing cards, and DANCING.)

Also? Do you play Rook?

Candace Jean July 16 said...

Amen to katdish's comment. I think we could probably come up with a tattoo for you - a lemming, or pants, perhaps?? Or just get that "Blessed Pants" pendant - less permanent.

I did this on Facebook (won't you all be my friend??) and it took me a week to come up with 25 things because I'm so boring. I could have said "straight A's in my 40's" - dang it. I forgot about that! I thought about writing about the 25 things I would like to say about me, but then everyone would think I was katdish. And then they would know my daughter has become her mother.

Annie K said...

@ Katdish - thanks and I think you're pretty dank yourself (that IS a good thing in teenager speak). Oh, and I'm sure you'll make us all proud tomorrow!

Sherri - you're darn awesome yourself! ;)

Steph - we left the church when I was 16 (before I could rebel) and pitched our tent at the Foursquare church. My parents wanted something a little bit more full-gospel. We still attend there and I can honestly say that I know what a church family should be like because I'm in one. I woulda never figured you for a PLN girl. My friend went there for a was all she could handle. I don't think I'd get past the application part. I wonder if they allow people with tattoos and piercings...!

Candace - you should just write those things - even if it comes out like Kat. We're a pretty dysfunctional..I mean...accepting bunch. (Oh, and my dad calls my daughter 'Annie intensified'.) I take it as a compliment. ;)

Beth said...

Haha...I think my animals are co-dependent, too.

And vodka IS the devil's water.

And there's over 400 homeless children in our school district...but I think the actual number is much greater than that. I used to be the person who kept up the homeless database...and I did a LOT of praying over that database.

And you're making me want to move west. Stop that! But I'll at least have to take Frank to Oregon sometime...he's never been there and he's missing out.

Annie K said...

Beth, that 300 # is from last year. With all the foreclosures and highest unemployment rate Bend has ever seen, I'm sure it's much larger. Although one homeless kid is just too many.

I would move back to WY if we could take all the kids...but I may be able to trick Jon into going once we are 'empty nesters' - in 5 years.

Steph at The Red Clay Diaries said...

About PLNC: I was a shy good girl, so none of the rules were hard for me. But it did contribute to my sense of the absurd.

And I think they've loosened up a lot. Point Loma was always called "NonChristian Nazarene College" even when I went there. In the 80s most of the other Naz colleges were still requiring girls to wear skirts at all times. Main dress code rule at PLNC back then: no swimsuits in chapel. ;) I'd bet tattoos and piercings are fine. It really is a great place. A lot of who I am comes from attending there.

Beth said...

The 400 number is from a year ago too...but our area has been in an economic dive for a decade...I don't know if the numbers are up or not, but I bet they are.

And at first I thought you meant move all the homeless children to WY!! That would more than double the population. :)

katdish said...


If you move anywhere, it needs to be a certain small community outside of Houston!

Steph at The Red Clay Diaries said...

katdish- Somehow I don't think that she'd pick HOUSTON as a place to escape humidity...

You guys have more humidity than I do in Armpit, GA.

Annie K said...

Actually, Steph, my friend left because she wasn't in the '90210' group... Guess there were a lot of those in the early 90's.

Yeah, we were in a state of 400,000 people. My kids and I were 400,403. And I meant take the 3 we have in school. But yeah, another 5 would raise the population quite a bit!

Annie K said...

Ok, I've gotta go to work you slackers. I'm on a budget reducing project. Gotta love me my calculator and Excel spreadsheet.

Beth said...

Okay, okay, don't get your fuzzy pants in a knot, Kathy. If I move it will be to Houston for a few and THEN to Oregon. Who's paying for my moving trucks?

And....Slackers?!?!?! I am so offended, I'm going to go trudge to the kitchen in my jammies and sooth myself with a third cup of coffee!!

Ryan B said...

Oh no. These lists are taking over the world. It's almost as bad as all those blasted snowballs over the holidays.

Helen said...

You rock...
I am not a vodka fan either....unless it is in an appletini.....or a peachtini.....or a chocotini......otherwise, no vodka for me.....just scotch....and wine......but never together.....

Mare said...

Annie you are just too cool for your own good. It's really interesting the things that people pick...25 things out of everything someone could say about themselves. I love your perspective on life...I love the way your heart comes through everything you write!

Mare said...

P.S. ummm....I know I'm SOOOO behind, but I have a question!!!!!!

Is there order to this? One post per day? Posts at random? A schedule? Can I post every hour on the hour? What's the deal?

yeah yeah sorry this has already been covered.

Annie K said...

Hey - did EVERYONE see that MARE is back! Yeah! You are awesmome Mare and thanks for the love. ;)

I think you can post whenever. There is no rhyme or reason around this place.

Helen, Scotch + wine = very sick...

Has anyone seen Beth's comments lately? I think Katdish is rubbing off on her(I know she's not getting it from me). She's become quite 'spunky' lately. ;)

Helen said...

Spunk is good...and I think the order is that there is no least until people stop posting....then a schedule for who must post can be suggested, with inspired posts being allowed any time. Or something. Who knows. I like laid back. Some things in life shouldn't be like this....
I stole this from Michelle.

Beth said...

I am back to coffee. I have been stuck in my house all week. You see what the result is.

Kasie said...

Anne I still love you big time and I thank you for opening your heart to me and renewing a friendship that wasnt so much lost but put away for time being. You must know that I admire you... your strength and confidence even if you may just be putting on a brave face and keep trying your best! Im with you always!