Thursday, February 5, 2009

Guidelines for Contributors to Smartypants

Are there any guidelines for posting here at fottsp? Not really. As administrator of this particular blog, I've painstakingly researched the content of all blogs written by the individuals with publishing rights to this blog, and found them to be up to the high moral and ethical standards of "Hey look a chicken". Quite an accomplishment, to be sure. (Stop rolling your eyes.)

So when to publish? I guess my answer would be "whenever you have something profound and enlightening to share. I think the following video best sums it up for me:

But for the record, Helen's already got one scheduled for tomorrow morning, and it's a good one.


Helen said...

Thanks, Katdish.
More or less, the point of this blog is to own our own craziness, and each other's, right. But like a co-op, not a ponzi scheme....

Beth said...

I might have to take the squirrel down with my pellet gun. He's scaring the awesome cat.

Candace Jean July 16 said...

One word for that video - ouch.

Where did you bury the squir....oh look, a puppy!!