Thursday, February 5, 2009

Profound AND Enlightening

PBS. Teaching the children of tomorrow.


Helen said...

Wow. Maybe we should replace the supermarket salsa with this in August.

Is anyone else bugged by the presence of Dr. Ruth, or am I just a prude?

katdish said...

As a rule, I'm against government acting as "big brother", but I'm just going to say that they should REALLY do a better job of random drug testing for shows that air on public television.

P. S. - Love Mare's puppy picture, but I think Awesome Cat could eat him for lunch. (Which would NOT be awesome.)

sherri said...

The smarty pants dance video was much more profound and enlightening than the FAT BOTTOMED GIRLS video I posted/pulled off!

Our new anthem.

But I think Mare , the dancing challenged one of the bunch, should video tape herself doing "THE SMARTY PANTS DANCE!"

Thank you Helen, for the the inspiring video.
Gotta' go bust some moves!

Steph @ Red Clay Diaries said...

I LOVE dancing smarty pants. I suppose it says something about me that I liked Between the Lions a lot more than my kids did. They never let me watch it anymore.

I've got a good video for smarty pants that I'm gonna post IF I can figure out Blogger. *holding my breath

And yes, I'm online!

Helen said...

Sherri, it was Beth's inspiration, not mine. (Though I do think we should do this in the supermarket in August.)

Candace Jean July 16 said...

I think there are too many bloggers with way too much time on their hands.

Any bids on the Blessed Pants pendant yet? How we going to buy matching Smarty Pants if we can't raise money???