Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dear Contributors:

I am still on my Wednesday fast, but I got a comment via my gmail from Nick that intrigued me, and somehow ended up here.

I will be shutting my computer down after this post (but still have my blackberry). I would just like to remind everyone that I have exclusive power to grant or REVOKE publishing rights to any and all contributors, and that if I get on my computer tomorrow morning and see that STUPID CRYSTAL HEART PENDANT, I'm gonna start revoking some people. Since I don't know who posted it, I will start with the usual suspects, beginning with the short one. Thank you. Carry on...

P. S. - Mwha Ha Ha! The Nectar of Power is Sweet!

P. P. S. - Nick, this is also an interesting read:


Beth said...

Yeah, we're not very good fasters. I say...if the kids are in bed and the hubby is on the computer...I get to compute as well. ;)

sherri said...

I think a true biblical fast is when YOU DON'T TELL PEOPLE YOU'RE DOING IT!

Or you're actually DOING it! Not sneaking around. Then it's not a fast, it's just a "slow". I'm much better on a slow, than a fast. But I'm not on a computer fast or slow.
I'm on a computer hit and miss.

And for the record, I've never seen that beautiful necklace before! oh, powerful one!

Helen said...

Sherri, I told you guys about the fast so you would keep me accountable. I thought accountablity was also bibical.

sherri said...

Helen- I was just giving Katdish a hard time about her fast, I mean slow.

The idea of accountability is biblical. So is harassing the brethren. (But for two completely different reasons) ;)