Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hi my name is ...

Hi my name is Nick the Geek and this will be my first post to Smarty Pants.

Somewhere recently I made the comment "I wonder if Lemmings have prophets." I thought ti was on my blog but I can't find it to link back to so it must have been in a comment or just in my head. Lots of stuff happens in my head and later I think it is reality.

I thought my lemming prophet would make a great opening post to this blog.

The Lemming Prophet

LP:So I was scouting up ahead and found something you guys need to know.

Lemming 1: Can't talk running.

LP: Well that is kind of what I need to talk to you about.

Lemming 2: What? Did you say something? Can't hear you over the crowd.


Lemming 2: No need to yell, how rude.

LP: Good grief won't anyone listen about the cliff?!?

Lemming 3: Cliff? I had an uncle cliff. He went on a run last year and we haven't seen him since. Do you know anything about that?

LP: Well, if the run was anything like this one Cliff probably fell off the cliff.

Lemming 3: Are you trying to be funny? What a jerk.

LP: No, I'm ... Good grief.

Lemming 4: Hey don't let them get to you. I think you're funny. I like funny you can run next to me.

LP: I don't want to run. I want to get all of you to stop running. There is a cliff and everyone is going to die.

Lemming 4: I don't get it? how is that funny?

LP: Never mind, we're at the cliff. ahhhhhhh


Lemming prophets aren't very successful and tend to figure out at the last minute that it is too late to stop the herd which is why we don't usually hear of them.


sherri said...

Good post Nick- glad to have your smarty pants on board!

What a great illustration (cartoon AND post).

katdish said...

Dude. You need a vacation. Good story, though!

Candace Jean July 16 said...

Hey look, a lemming!

Beth said...

This reminds me of the Ducktales episode about lemmings. The ones the ducks befriended was named Lucky. He did NOT go over the cliff with the rest. Anyone? Anyone??? Is this thing on?

Helen said...

At least he tried....