Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Happy Birthday, Wolfie Mo

Today is Mozart's birthday. So in celebration......

Once upon a time, during the 1991 Mozart Bicentennial, the Mozarteum decided to open its vaults and archives to the general public. It went without saying that a great number of tourists, scholars, music lovers and Mozart affectionados took all of the guided tours.

As one very young man and his parents were passing through the hallowed halls, the tour guide actually took them into an inner sanctum where teams of archaeologists and anthropologists were furiously busy constructing clay and plaster likenesses of the great WAM, with varying degrees of success.

"Those are pretty good!" The very young man exclaimed.

"Yes," the tour guide nodded proudly. "They are based on castings made from a skull believed to be mozart's. You an see the skull for yourself, under the glass case."

The battered, pitiful skull looked dolefully back at them from under a brass name plate, which had been firmly nailed into the cranium. What was even more curious was the even smaler skull beside it.

"Whose skull is that?" The very young man asked.

"Oh, that one is the skull of Mozart as a child."


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that is the lamest joke ever. bahahahaha.

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