Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Boz Dog

Boz had a big day today which included hiking in the woods along the Deschutes River (pronounced De-shoots). He wanted me to share this picture with you in which you can see just how happy he is by the smile on his face. Plus, he thought Candy could use a little cheering up. That's just the kind of dog Bozley is.

PS (Candy) - We will be camping in the mountains (at 6,000 ft - is there anything that high in Iowa?) this weekend and I promise to get a spectacular mountain shot for you.


Candace Jean July 16 said...

Aww, thanks Annie. Does Boz know he's my step-dog now?

Boz. Mountains. Bliss.

The only thing that high in Iowa is the corn in late July.

I heart Boz.
And you, Annie.

Wendy said...

CrazyGidgetDog is wondering when Boz will be on Twitter. Hey, she's asking, not me.

Helen said...

He is very cute.

Marni said...

Boz, you look SO happy!!! That's a great picture mommy posted of you.

There is nothing remotely close to 6,000 ft elevation in the Dallas area, unless you count the Mixmaster highway overpasses. So yeah, I'm jealous you get to be in the mountains.

sherri said...

If there is such thing as reincarnation, I want to be Boz in my next life.

And since I don't believe in it, I'll settle for a little shack next door to Boz's mansion.

katdish said...

I think he's saying, "Katdish! I wove you!"

and, "I wanna get on the twitter!"

Beth said...

Why is it that I love Boz more than my own dog?? He is, as always, too cute!