Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Thinking of You

Sooo...my family and I went to visit my parents this past weekend. Much of the weekend was kind of emotional for me. My parents are moving soon, and it was probably the last time the family will get together at the house I grew up in. Last time I attended the church I grew up in... Last time I took a walk with my mom around the block... you get the idea.

So as I was using the commode for the last time, I picked up one of the crazy catalogues my mom keeps in a basket by the toilet for the last time, and here's the shirt that caught my eye:

National Sarcasm Society Shirts.

And I thought of this blog. Tee hee. I missed you gals/guys!

Annie, we can totally steal their idea, right?? And hopefully I'll get back to updating my own blog sometime soon.


Helen said...

I don't think we can totally steel this idea, but it does get the creative juices flowing, doesn't it?

Marni said...

I totally have this t-shirt. I found it on facebook...I am not ashamed.

I also have on that says "Good Grammar is HOT" that I found on facebook, but my mom, the English teacher, stole it.

I won't let ANYONE borrow my sarcasm shirt, so don't ask.

sherri said...

I want a shirt that says "Stilettos Ain't for Sissies!"
(Sorry, Marni, I know...the grammer thing.)

And Beth, I can imagine your sadness over your parent's home. I would feel exactly the same way.

Candace Jean July 16 said...

I want a shirt that says "I'm the only one on FOTTSP who hasn't seen Princess Bride."

"last times" are tough, but great memories, I'm sure.

Helen said...

Candy, false advertising. I haven't seen it either.,