Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Act Now!

Not your "normal" wedding invitation; check out the bottom, left-hand corner.

In case you can't read it, it says,

"Sobber Reflection: After this wedding, there shall be another in the heaven, will you be there? To qualify give your life to Christ and abstain from iniquity."

Name of bride: Check
Name of groom: Check
Location: Check
Explanation of how all of your pagan friends can come to know Jesus: Check



Shark Bait said...

Oh wow.

That manages to stuff so much wrongness into such a small space.

Sobber Reflection? Is that like. "you missed the wedding, dude! Time spend eternity sobbing!!!" ?

Nick the Geek said...

What's with all the wedding stuff lately? Did I mention that all weddings should be done like the one in Pirates of the Caribbean 3? I would pay to go to weddings if that's how they were done. It would also be a great segue to "did you know you're going to hell if you don't have Jesus?" part of the wedding.

Beth said...

Hmmm...we really did have an evangelistic message in our wedding ceremony. We figured that while the most important people in our lives were gathered in one place, that was more important than hearing something ooey gooey sweet about us or the infamous marriage triangle (bride + groom + God)...I guess we should have gone one step further and advertised it on the invitations!

sherri said...

I really don't know of one person who changed their evil ways due to a sober reflection on a wedding invitation. It seems very impersonal to say the least.

I guess parents of Graduates could add the same sober reflection to their invitations:
"After this ceremony, there will be a "graduation ceremony" for all in eternity. Where will you be "celebrating"? In the flames, or on streets of gold?

Then birthday invitations:

When is your "spiritual birthday?" Are you born again? If you have not been, repent now or forever hold your PIECE (of cake) in the lake of fire!

It could extend to backyard BarBQ invitations, baby showers, etc.

Mare, you might be on to something!

Puts a whole new twist on the "Invitation" at church.

katdish said...

I like the "abstain from iniquity" part!

Oh, that is RICH! Is this real? I bet they missed out on some good gifts because of that. But I bet they got a Jesus frying pan.

Candace Jean July 16 said...

So sherri typed that invite?

They would really like that Jesus toaster, too.

sherri said...

Candy, I no how to tipe the werd "Sobor" correctly. I would NEVER put two Bs in the word SOBOR. Come on, give me a brake!

Hucklebuck said...

At our wedding, we had a "marriage pentagon". Three points of the pentagon represented the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Two points represented us. We then squeezed the 3 points into one to demonstrate that the trinity is one. Then we squeezed the remaining 2 points into one to show that the "2 shall become 1". So we ended up with a line that we threw down on the ground and asked people which side of the line they were on: heaven or hell.

Ok, not really, but feel free to use that idea at your next wedding. I actually like the idea of some sort of evangelical message at the wedding, but with correctly spelled words and a better analogy than a wedding in heaven.

Helen said...

I have mixed feelings. I think the misspelled invitation was impersonal and seemed forced rather than natural, but also believe that when two people are united in Holy Matrimony, honor should be given to God, and gratitude shown for all He has done for the couple.

I also refuse to send out secular Christmas cards. All my cards have a bible verse on them. So you may want to disregard what I say. Some say I hinge on the fanatical myself.

Beth said...

Mare is this a real invitation you received in Nigeria or something you found?

Marni said...

Sherri, my daughter gradutes in 10 days. Dang it that I didn't have your idea to pencil on to her announcements!!! Now they'll come in as heathens and leave as heathens...

Ya'll come visit me on the ghetto-shack side of Heaven because God has probably just downgraded my mansion for that terrible faux-pas...

Helen said...

Marini...a trailer....down by the river... ;-)

Mare said...

Oh, this is real as real can get! Most things here have something like that on it, it's quite funny. I bet I could make a killing on Sherri's ideas...seriously!!

sherri said...

Marni- ALWAYS come to me first....

Helen- I love the fact that ceremonies speak of Christ-I just am not a fan of the thought of reaching people through a "Sober reflection" on a wedding program, invitation, track, etc.

It's like if Big AL left notes to me in public places declaring his love for me but never telling me in person or offering to help me with my needs, or never bothered to ckeck on me, I wouldn't think the public note meant so much.

Maybe it's just me, but I can't see Jesus just leaving tracks rather than offering RELATIONSHIPS with people.

I realize there are many ways to reach people, I just don't find the "Sobering reflection" to be the best way.

I also only send Christmas cards with scriptures on them, but hey, it's CHRISTmas!
I'm also sending them to people I have already reached out to in other ways relationship-wise.

Okay, way too serious for this blog, so, how bout
I MONKEY BUTT LOVE you all! And I'll try to SHOW it!