Friday, May 22, 2009

A Party... of sorts...

You know how the Orlando Magic is finally doing good after SO LONG of being horrible, and everyone in Orlando wants to celebrate?

Well, here's your chance to celebrate something completely different!  If the picture on the left looks foreign to you, then you're not as cool as you should be, you just don't realize it yet.  The picture is from The Underfold and if you couldn't tell from the picture, it's our 75th Episode!

This may seem like a strange thing to celebrate, but, I think a crazy group of bloggers like you all might actually appreciate how we're celebrating...

On Facebook, there's going to be a "EVENT" on Sunday (5/24)  at 8:30am EST to Monday (5/25) 11:59pm EST in honor of the 75th episode.

I know, you're wondering, how on earth do I celebrate such nonsense on Facebook?  The answer is by posting a picture of your reaction to the episode on the EVENT wall and comment like crazy!

Basically, make the whole thing much bigger and grander and more ridiculous than it really is.  We had a lot of fun a while back (those who participated) with a similar event (not for the 50th episode...) and the pictures were hilarious!  But, then Facebook brainfarted and everything went bye bye.  SO WE'RE DOING IT AGAIN.

Want in?  You know you do!  Join the party on Facebook (and if you want, my friends list...?) and I'm sure there's some super big red monkey butt hearts in it for you!


sherri said...

Welcome Bman!

I tip my stiletto to you for being brave enough to join this force! (That happens to be filled with an overabundance of estrogen!)

I'm not on facebook, so I won't be joining your party there, however the photo and post has me very curious about THE UNDERFOLD. Obviously I am not as cool as I thought since I've never heard of it before.

Again, welcome to the ONGOING party at FOTTSP!

bman said...

Who doesn't have Facebook these days? Come on, Sherri. Everybody's doing it. Just a little bit won't hurt... right?

Candace Jean July 16 said...

If Sherri does Facebook she will need an intervention. I stay away myself unless I get a message via email that somebody talked smack about me. So to avoid dragging Sherri through all 12 steps, we'll just entertain her on here. Now I'm off to go read about Underfold because it sounds like Martha Stewart meets Victoria's Secret and I'm curious.