Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My goodness...It's only a PICKLE!

I'm not meaning to come across as unfeeling, heartless or cold hearted, but yesterday I came across a strange google search someone had used and landed on my site.

What was the search you ask?


I had no idea there was such a thing.

Now, I could understand a brussel sprout phobia or even a hairy kiwi fruit, but the innocent pickle?

It's not much to look at, but c'mon, even the stork loves a good pickle.

Well, of course, MAURY POVICH found someone who had the pickle phobia.

I can't decide if she's faking or not.

One minute I think she's faking (you know, just to get to stay in the fancy hotel he puts his guests in) then the next, I'm feeling bad for her.

Then she starts the total body shaking and that looks fake to me.

What do you think?

Are you afraid of any particular food?

Would you pretend you had a food phobia just to stay in a nice hotel?

What if we said we were ALL afraid of pinto beans and went on his show?


Nick the Geek said...

OK, mostly I feel like this can't possibly be true. I think they probably had a "have any weird phobias you want to confront" things at the end of a show and the girls were watching and started spouting off all kinds of things till they came up with pickles and called it in.

On the other hand, it is possible to create fear of specific things in people and so this could be real. Back in the early days of Psychology there was a Dr. named Watson that used a toddler to explore the development of fear. The experiment was inhumane but totally worth reading. Check it out here.

Anyways, the point was that specific phobias can be created and transferred to other objects. I've seen people react just like that with various other phobias, so presumably a person could have somehow acquired a debilitating phobia of pickles, but to go on camera for it ... that's just insane.

Before you go there, yes I know I have an absurd amount of useless knowledge in my geeky head.

Candace Jean July 16 said...

No kidding, Nick. You and my eldest would get along just fine. He's blessed with similar useless knowledge and triviarrhea.

My take - pickles aren't scary. It's those bumps on them that scare me. Like a food loofah or something. Will that get me into a nice hotel or just one where they'll leave the light on for me?

sherri said...

Dang Nick! I visited that disturbing site and all I have to say is Watson and the wet nurse needed to be locked up in a jail cell with a rat, and bunny and a Santa mask! LIFE sentences without parole.

God help that poor little boy.

No wonder you have crazy dreams. Now I will as well. Thanks Nick.

Steph at The Red Clay Diaries said...

My dogs' fear of thunder is totally learned. Callie learned it from my sister's dog almost 10 years ago. Then over the years that Bob's lived with us, he's become increasingly fearful of it.

This morning I was awakened by both dogs and thunder. The thing that got me out of bed: Callie trying to 'bury' the bathroom trash can with her nose. Charlie still resents my sister's dog.

I have no idea what that has to do with pickles...

sherri said...

Steph- would you take your dogs on the Maury Povich show?

Helen said...

"...no firm conclusions can be drawn from his hard-earned data–except perhaps that one should avoid employing experimental psychologists as babysitters."
YIKES! Ask anyone who has been around little ones, and they will tell you that a kid became afraid of x after being exposed to y. I can't believe that anyone needed Frankenwatson for that!
As for the pickles, I am just glad not to be her. I like a nice juicey sour pickle.

katdish said...

I dunno, I think she's faking it. Just a hunch. Pickles? Please!

My dog isn't afraid of thunder, but on New Year's eve we went to a friend's house and left him in the bathroom (this was pre-kennel days). When we got home, he was in the big garden tub and he couldn't get out. It looked like the tub was covered in eyelashes, so he'd been in there awhile. It's a good thing Ron found him. I would have grabbed my camera and made him pose for a few pics before I got him out. (You know, for posteriny and whatnot).

katdish said...

Also, two of the top keyword searches on HLAC are "slanket redemption codes" and "Howdy Cloud".

This might help explain the awesomely high bounce rate I have...

Mare said...

My server is too slow to watch this video...sadly...but I don't blame the girl. I woudln't say that I have a phobia..but I despise pickels in a way that words cannot fully describe.

The first time I went to firehouse subs, I was on my way to a soccer game. I unwrapped the sandwhich as I was driving in the dark and when I felt the strange wet chunk of turkey in my hand, I looked down curiously only to find not turkey, but a pickel spear! GASP! I quickly rolled down the window and chunked the thing as far away as possible. Mary Ann does NOT throw things out the window...ever...but this was a rare case.

They smell worse than anything on the planet and leave everything they touch with the sickening aroma.
It's terrible to make something that was so good become something so detestible.Poor cucumber...probably never saw it coming.

Do NOT put a pickel on anything you expect me to eat, smell, stand within 10 ft from, or look at.

Yes ladies and gentleman....I just MAY need to find a pickle phobia forum myself.

sherri said...

Mare- you ate a GOAT'S HEAD- for goodness sake.

A Pickel makes you want to hurl?

katdish- my SEX,CANDY and an Easter Basket drew MANY visits from those searching for "Nasty Easter Baskets" , "Sexual Easter Gifts", "Sex in a Basket".

It was kinda' sick really.

My top search for a long time has been from people who are searching for muselex when they're sick. It brings up my disgusting post "Help, I need your help!" when all of you sent me home remedies. Good times.

Marni said...

What a crock. The specific things people can be afraid of is so...I don't know...what's the word...I got nothing. I mean pickles...really???

I watched a Dateline or 20/20 special or something like that where people have an actual fear that they ran over a pedestrian with their car. They'd drive 25 feet, pull over, get out of the car and look underneath to see the body count. They did this, without fail, at least each half a mile. I don't how they ever got anywhere in their car. It consumed their lives. It was just so odd (and sad). I mean, I'm not fond of enclosed spaces or mice, but it's not a phobia that is unusual and it doesn't rule over me.

These "I've hit a pedestrian phobia" have never actually hit anyone before. They tried anti-anxiety meds, therapy, etc, and nothing worked. Do they choose this fear therefore they can't shake it? Are they consumed by the power of stan to keep us in a spirit of fear if we allow him too? I just don't know.

sherri said...

marni- if this is real, I feel for her. I've had a couple of real phobias that were getting the best of me, and it's a horrible state- and thoughts are not rational. This girl just seems to be overplaying this a bit though, don't you think?

Beth said...

No food fears here. I'm still laughing at the people searching for "Sex in a Basket" and "Howdy Cloud".

By the way, this morning Frank looked at me and asked, "Why did you google 'pornagraphic cheese butler?'"

Uhhhhh.....well, it was like this....

Helen said...

Beth, been there, done that. The phrase "Hey Look, A Chicken", has become not just a distraction, but an explanation in my home.

Stacey said...

That is the wackiest thing I've ever seen! I'm dying to know... is she equally afraid of cucumbers, or is it just after they've been pickled?

Also, can she watch VeggieTales?

Inquiring minds want to know...