Sunday, April 26, 2009

Google Analytics: Keyword Search

Here they are people. The top 13 (there's only 13) keyword searches that landed people on this blog:

13) nick only monkey butt
12) xrate mike rowe
11) nick's monkey butt
10) little old man from sydney
9) japanese trash katdish
8) fellowship of the traveling pants
7) fellowship of the traveling smartypants
6) does nick have a monkey butt
5) cremation, anyone?
4) clever comment
3) clayton mcdonald film
2) clayton mcdonald
1) "nick's monkey butt"

For the record, I did NOT google xrate mike rowe, and I may or may not have googled nick's monkey butt, but I only may or may not have done it once (twice, tops). And to the jerk that googled "japanese trash katdish", I'm only half Japanese, so up yours!


Wendy said...

What? No Pornographic Cheese Butler? But I googled... Uh, I mean, I'm so surprised that no one out there would have googled it. I mean, don't we all need a little PCB once in a while?

Helen said...

Wendy, when I google Pornographic Cheese Buttler (and I have), google can't find anything. I think it is a conspiracy of some sort, I really do...

Beth said...

Man, I step out for a week, and I come back to monkey butt galore.

Helen said...

Beth, not just any monkey butt, but Nick's monkey butt specifically.