Thursday, February 19, 2009

I just need 48 of you!

Please hop over to my site and wish my BIG AL a HAPPY 48th BIRTHDAY!

I'm hoping that 48 well wishes will be left for him to brighten this otherwise "dark" day. (He's NOT real happy!)

Feel free to leave some happy birthday advice, or a funny quote or a link that will make him smile (NO PORNO PLEASE!)

And please, whatever you do, don't say he reminds you of Richard Gere!
(It's a loooong story).

Will you help me make him smile today?


sherri said...

Kathy- I just read your comment on my site about the problem leaving a comment here- but it must be fixed now- cause' well, DUH, I'm leaving this comment!

Thanks for the heads up.

Beth said...

Yikes! That was frightening Sherri! Now I'm feeling sorry for those poor eggs!

sherri said...

I apologized for the cruel treatment by oblivious egg destroyers and I let mine roam free in the back yard!

You could hear the was so sweet!

Helen said...

That was excellent! I loved it! I probably would have felt sorry for the eggs, but Beth's comment gave me the heads up about what to expect, so I was prepared for the carnage.

katdish said...

That video is the stuff of nightmares. (Don't think about eggs....don't think about eggs...) Have ya'll read Steph's post yet? Stinkin' hilarious.

Amrita said...

That video is hillarious

sherri said...

BIG AL has recieved 57 comments (and counting!)

ANd only a few were from my comments.

We have been out and we'll be out again later this evening.

Wait till Monday....I have a great story to share!