Saturday, February 21, 2009

Awesome Sports Stories, Vol. 2

Can I play too? One of my all-time favorite sports stories.


Ryan B said...

I love that story. It is so inspirational. That coach is a good guy for letting him play. He should have probably played every game though with that shot.

Beth said...

Cool beans. Much better than at my high school, where we had a student with a mental retardation who was our mascot, and lots of his peers made fun of him. He was so excited to help the team in any way, and they were just so cruel. :( But it's their loss, I guess. He wasn't phased a bit and always represented our school very well!

katdish said...

Well hey there! I gotta put my 2 cents in here, of course!

My new next door neighbor just moved here from Plano, Texas where high school football is the life giving sun that everything revolves around. Their youngest son is a senior who has Downs Syndrome. Don't misunderstand, football is a really big deal here too. (Anyone ever heard of the Katy Tigers?) Anyhoo, the high school we are zoned for (not Katy High), has a fantastic philosophy about extra-cirricular activities. It is that they are all important. Football does not supercede band, nor golf, no debate team. The band was asked to compete in a state contest on the same night the varsity football team played. Do you know what the football coach told the parents? "The football team will just have to do without the band. If it's important to the band, it is important to us. End of story." How awesome is that? He also does not allow his players to goof off when the band is performing during half time. He makes them watch the band and cheer them on just as the band does for the football players.

Where was I? Oh, yeah...On his second day of school, my neighbor got a call from the football coach asking if it would be okay if her son could be one of his assistant coaches. As far as I know, he is not looked down upon. They treat him as one of their own. He has value and worth in the eyes of the coaches and the players. Is that the coolest, or what? I only wish that was the rule instead of the exception.

sherri said...

I remember seeing this on the news and I think he got to meet President Bush!

I LOVE stories like this!