Saturday, January 31, 2009


I wouldn't lie to you.

I just found this online on Marie Claire magazine's website.

Just thought that for the voluptuously curvy females who shall remain nameless, but have shared about their own disdain for their more than ample backsides... they would feel so much better after they take a look at this!

"It's the news women everywhere have been waiting to hear - bigger bottoms could be better for our health, new research suggests.

Scientists say that body fat under the skin - especially on the buttocks - could cut the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Experts believe that 'subcutaneous' fat could produce hormones known as adipokines, which boost metabolism. After tests on mice, where the subcutaneous fat was moved to the abdominal area, there was a decrease in body weight, fat mass and blood sugar levels.

So, Katdish, join hands with me, and other self-proclaimed fat bottom heavy girls out there out there as we loudly proclaim our anthem!

*The "anthem" has been deleted and replaced with a new song after a commenter gave me the disturbing lyrics. Sorry and Thank you Michelle.

SO here is another, less disturbing song to embrace. Unless someone has an even less disturbing song to include about woman with large rears.


sherri said...

You know, now that I hear it again, the words are pretty offensive, not the line FAT BOTTOMED GIRLS YOU MAKE THE ROCKIN' WORLD GO AROUND! WHich is really the only one I "hear", but the story is kinda gross. Feel free to delete this one! Sorry.

Helen said...

You wanna replace it with this

It didn't offend me.

sherri said...

Yeah, Helen, that was MUCH less offensive!

Helen said...

I'm good either way, but if you want to switch them, that's fine with me (since you find my suggestion MUCH less offensive).

Steph at The Red Clay Diaries said...

I knew my assets would be an asset. *snort*

With all the sugar I'd been eating in the past 6 mos, I totally expected to have developed Type II diabetes. But no. Hee. Butt no.

I crack myself up. *snicker*

Annie K said...

Ok, I understand y'all are in some 'backside' club or something... just you wait. Us 'flatbutters' are going to revolt...!

sherri said...

Sorry Annie, if you ain't got back, you ain't sittin' pretty with us fat bottom girls.

I hope you didn't try to sing along with that song like a FBG wannabe!

STeph, you're nuts!
One nutty FBG who snorts and snickers.
Tell me, did you sing along to the video? Did you "FEEL" it?

Michelle said...

My goodness Sherri you have rendered me into a sort of silence that i cannot seem to snap out of!! In place of not talking i am seeing images. Images of FBG dancing all around me as i sit on my FBA (fat bottomed ass) on my sofa!!! I am not sure i can stop the images!!!!


You you you person you!!!!

sherri said...

Sorry, Michelle, there's a bunch of fat bottoms within this group. We are the dominant bloggers.

Sorry if it created a bunch of fat bottomed images. BUTT (tehe), we are who we are.

I think this singer,(Freddy) is very dramatic- don't you think?

sherri said...

Is he saying "HEAP BIG WOMAN, you made a man outta' me?"

The Day Big AL calls me HEAP BIG WOMAN, it's over. EVen if he adds on "You make the rockin' world go round."

I'm sorry. I'm kinda' sensitive to the name callin'.

Michelle said...

Sherri, he also goes on to say this:
Hey I was just a skinny lad

Never knew no good from bad

But I knew life before I left my nursery - huh

Left alone with big fat Fanny

She was such a naughty nanny

Heap big woman you made a bad boy out of me

Hey hey!


Now he is saying Wooh as if to say the Heap big woman was an amazing experience he had as a baby with a FBG nanny named fanny!!!!

Am I getting this correct? I feel Freddy is amazed at FBG!!

But Sherri you are not heap big woman. Big AL knows this. I know this. So, not to worry girlie!!

See here i go again, ADD rambling!!!

sherri said...

Okay, those were the lyrics I was afraid of. NOT a good visual... Even worse than I thought.

I've never paid attention to the words. Those are actually very distubing. Much worse than HEAP BIG WOMAN. This might be one for the el-deleto! I'm not that prudish, but this sounds sick if you ask me.

I think we'll trade for helen's song.

Thanks for clarifying.

katdish said...

Well, I prefer the original (even though I wasn't able to see it).


P. S. - Annie, like I said, I prefer the term "suck butt", but since I've never seen yours, I'll have to take your word for it.

helen said...

I just assumed he had a crush on his ample arsed nanny and it carried over into adulthood to women with generous backsides. What were you girls thinking?

Candace Jean July 16 said...

I'm just glad none of you commenters haven't suggested some sort of accountability group here and that we post pictures. Whew! You were scaring me for a minute there. And I was sure if I ever had an "anthem," it would be sung by Chris Tomlin or TobyMac. Oh well, off to the gym...

sherri said...

Ryan and Jeff, sorry about the "sisterhood" award.

But if you think of it, we ladies have put up with this same thing all our lives, even in the scriptures, "Brothers, be kind to one another....I am thankful for my brothers...."

It's time that some men have to just go ahead and include themselves in the now dominant "SISTERHOOD" of this site.

I'm not even gonna' ask about your backsides. As we are in mixed comapany.

Brothers...welcome to the "SISTERHOOD".

sherri said...

comapany is just like company, but spelled the Italian way.