Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Not sure how much trouble I'm gonna get in but oh well it seems like it might be funny and Moses is bound to tick him off before anything bad happens.

Wow, now that's a long title. Did you know they limit how long your title can be? Yeah me neither. Anyways, I know God has a blog just posted but I'm gonna put this up too because it is funny and God appreciates funny.

Also, Moses made me do it ... yeah that's what I'm going with.


God said...

Dear Nick,

Awwww, snap!



Beth said...

Now I'm missing Hi-C Ecto coolers....

Helen said...

He has a point about Capri Sun. I always had to put the straw in for my second graders, and you wouldn't believe how often I got splashed. It took me years to learn the secret of Capri Sun!