Thursday, September 17, 2009

Is that a Twitter Ho-down?! Oh, no. It's just the curtains.


It's time for another Twitter Ho-down folks! But before we get started, here's a little something you should see in case you missed it:

The story Marni didn’t blog about the other week for some strange reason

marni71 So a lady comes into my office today. As soon as she opens the door, she screams and runs back out... Then she slowly comes back in and says "I'm sorry, I'm just really afraid of taxidermy!" Now I'm thoroughly confused because there are no dead animals in my office. And I'm looking at her all WTFrak?! Then she looks over me head at what she thought was taxidermy and says "Oh, it's just your curtains!" Welcome to my life.

Now on to the carnival! Sign up below on Mr. Linky. And just so you know, Mr. Linky is afraid of taxidermy, too.


Marni said...

Ya know, she STILL flinches when she comes into my office and sees the curtains. I think it's time to put in a budget request for new ones so as not to scare others.

I'm gonna ho-down today, I'll just have to do it on my lunch hour. Be back later with my link!

Wendy said...

Marni - Just how long IS your lunch hour anyway? Sheesh! Oh, and if you do get new curtains, I vote for getting ones with pictures of animal heads all over them.