Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Katdish!

So, today marks yet another anniversary of the day the earth was graced with Katdish. One might expect to see a video posted here with some version of a Happy Birthday song, but one would be wrong. Instead, I present a video that is more up Katdish's alley...

Happy Katdishmas to you! Now where's the cake?


Shark Bait said...


What will they think of next?

sherri said...

Love the face of the dog at the 39 sec. point as the lady says ,"So warm and comfy, they'll never want to take it off." I think he just threw up alittle in his mouth!

Have a wonderful Day Katdish- You deserve something huge today! (twss)

Matt @ The Church of No People said...

Well Katdish, I'd take this opportunity to say 'happy birthday' and tell you how special you are and how much we all appreciate you...but I already sent you a personal greeting indicating such, because I care just that much, and I'm not going to say it again! :)

Hucklebuck said...


Hope your birthday is full of monkey butt lovin'. Wait, did I say that right? How about a plain old "Happy Birthday" instead.


Mare said...

Happy Birthday Katdish!!! We love you and are so blessed by you and your gift of sarcasm and the strange way it often leads us closer to the Lord. =)

yay God for creating you!!!

Hope your day is amazing.

katdish said...

Thanks for all the birthday wishes (and NOT wishes, as the case may be - Matt)

The Dog Snuggie: When you've given up on fashion, and your dog has too.


Beth said...

Is it strange/ironic/fate that my dog is like the little white one in the commercial? It's too bad they don't have maroon ones so she and I can match...then I could turn on the Price Is Right and practice being 80.

Marni said...

HAHAHA! No one can top the TWSS Sherri just left!! Yes, that's a dare to the rest of you.

Happy birthday Katdish!! You are a bright light in this summer of suck I've had. I appreciate your friendship and humor so much. I hope this is the best Katdishmas ever!


Marni :) :) :) :) (cuz I know you're down with the emoticons)

Nick the Geek said...

Marni, ... well someone could top it #twss


you to birthday happy
Kathy dear birthday happy
you to birthday happy
you to birthday happy

Stacey said...

That video is a sure sign of the Apocalypse! What the heck?!!

Once again, happy birthday to Katdish!

Tony C said...

And this is why I don't own animals...

My very best to you Katdish, on completing yet another trip around the sun. May your next trip be filled with awe and wonder...and animal clothing if that makes you happy in some odd way.

Live long and puerperous...wait...that's not right!

Lindy said...

Have a wonderful birthday! Thank you for making me laugh - please never stop!!!