Friday, July 24, 2009

Mullet with Headlights

OK, so the second I heard, "mullet with headlights" I decided two things. First and most obviously I thought that was something I needed to start saying on a regular basis. Seriously, when is that not appropriate? I could use it during a sermon based on Sampson, or when talking about my visit to Eureka. I think it might be the best way to start describing the new "crossover" SUVs*. "Yeah they are kinda like a mullet with headlights." I don't see that ever getting old.

The second thing I thought was that this video must be posted on FOTTSP. So here it is.

*A Crossover SUV is basically a new way to describe a station wagon. Station wagons are uncool but SUVs are cool, so a car that is "combined" with a SUV would look exactly like a station wagon from days past, but is instead called a Crossover SUV. I hope you can see how that is pretty much a mullet with headlights.


Shark Bait said...

You're right that this video must be posted here.

It was in June.

Nick the Geek said...


oops. That was when I was on vacation so I missed a few things.

Shark Bait said...

But it never gets old.

Joanna said...

The mind boggles to consider what the director may have been thinking when they cast the original. It is just so random.

So many good lines in the literal version. I love the "i think that means he just flipped me the bird" line, although i didn't catch the joke the first time though.

You can even get mullet with headlights shirts .They also have ones that say "slow mo dove", "glee club of the damned" and "that angel guy just felt me up"

Steph @Red Clay Diaries said...

Nick, this is a brilliant video.

And what is even more brilliant is your PERFECT (hee-I just typed PREFECT - Hogwarts reference anyone?)

Anyway, what was I saying? Oh yeah. A perfect name for a crossover SUV. I shall now use it from this day forward.