Thursday, July 30, 2009

Heavenly Bacon (Just Watch the Video, and the Title Will Make Sense)

Okay friends. First of all, the disclaimer. I am Catholic. I am a very conservative Catholic. I am also Hungarian. As a Hungarian Catholic, it is well within my personality to go ballistic if I think someone is insulting my faith, or my Numero Uno Pastor, Pope Benedict XVI.

Still, I thought this was hysterically funny. If you don't, please forgive me. If you do, then YAyyyy us! I also stole this from Ironic Catholic, who is a Catholic theology teacher in Minnesota (sharing the blame, or credit, depending on how you feel about video).

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Pope Wrist Watch
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Pope Benedict XVI, my Numero Uno Pastor, is 82 years old. That means that healing is difficult for him. Meanwhile, wrist injuries are difficult for anyone to heal from. Could I trouble you to pray that my Numero Uno Pastor's wrist heals well? Thanks.


Beth said...

First off, of course I'll pray for him!

Secondly, I bet Colbert was fun to have in Sunday School class...or CCD classes... :)

Helen said...

I have heard Colbert refer to being a "Sunday School" teacher. Maybe Catholics actually say that where he is from. Either that, or he doesn't want to explain every time he uses the phrase CCD.

Yeah, he must've been a blast.

I Teach Sunday School Moth******: A Stephen Colbert Video NOT for the Kiddie.

I couldn't make up my mind after this video whether I thought Colbert was awesome, or a potty mouth.

Wendy said...

Mmmm... Heavenly Bacon...

Nick the Geek said...

I think Colbert would have flunked out of OCD classes. He is way to ADD to be OCD

Gotta Have Faith said...

This "Heavonly Bacon" was so funny!

When you get the chance pop on by my Blog for a little surprise for you and your Blog!

Have a great Weekend!