Friday, June 19, 2009

The FOTTSP Man Card Test

How many passes? Can you count correctly?
Yeah, no wonder I don't have a man card - even an honorary pink fuzzy one.


Beth said...

Haha. I totally failed! Crazy! But I have an uncanny ability to zone out and focus on one thing. ;)

katdish said...

I have a lifetime honorary man card. It matters not whether I passed or failed.

sherri said...

I only passed because I saw this on another site where I failed miserably.
(And I've lost my glasses...again!)

Candace Jean July 16 said...

So katdish, apparently you failed but it's a moot point.

Bob said...

I did not notice the apparition. But I don't think the moderator pointed out which gender was more likely to notice, did he.

Helen said...

Me and Britney Spears, as in Uh oh, I did it again.

That comment was NotBob....ButMe