Monday, June 8, 2009

Even girlie-girls like to kick a little @$$

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!
Sometimes a girl's gotta put on her frilliest dress and race cars. It's all good until she breaks a nail. Then she's really gonna kick someone's @$$.


Nick the Geek said...

I'll watch the vid tomorrow. I'm going to bed but I did take the time to fix the vid size.

katdish said...

Why, oh why could they not have that when I was growing up?

I would have LOVED to have a turbo Heather! But she would have been wearing a mini skirt and rocking a mohawk.

Beth said...

Cute! I'm with Katdish. I want one. And those girls were better actors than the kids on real commercials!

sherri said...

I have one.

Nick the Geek said...

sherri, you have a mohawk? Wow that's impressive.

So the vid was ... interesting?