Saturday, May 30, 2009

Free BMan

No, it's not a give away. I noticed something disturbing today. Bman is still in the time-out corner. Now I can really get behind that if he had committed some heinous crime, such as suggesting that Awesome Cat wasn't awesome, or thinking that I live in Australia.

However it occurs to me that he was sent there a while ago as part of his initiation.

Now I'm as much in favour of a good hazing as the next guy. After all I'm sure we all have wonderful memories of the spanking machine. But this poor guy has been all alone in the corner ever since. Seriously. Someone might report us to Amnesty International.

I think the problem is that we have all been on our best behaviour around here for far too long. So in the interest of brotherly love (I am assuming b-man is a brother, otherwise that is a really weird nickname) I think one of us needs to take one for the team.

Someone needs to get themself sent to the time-out corner.

Any volunteers?

In the spirit of Christian monkey butt, we need to do something to free our fallen comrade.

So who wants to throw themselves at the mercy of the court for this one. Leave a comment, and tell us why you should be in the time-out corner.

I think I am in the lead at the moment for using the phrase Christian monkey butt in cold-blood. What say you?


sherri said...

Since I created the infamous time out chair, I think I would have all authority to remove someone at will (you're the lawyer, do I have rights?)

I would gladly go in his place... the crime could be because I won't twitter and am not the least bit interested in doing so. Or Facebook, or even visiting my OLD MySpace. How's that?

Wendy said...

Gumby darn it!

Hucklebuck said...

To help a brother out, I'll suggest that Awesome Cat is not awesome and that the only good cat is a dead cat. How's that?

katdish said...

No, no. I'll take the fall.

Sherri is a twitter snob and a short little shoe ho!

How's that?

Wendy said...

Okay, I've already taken Gumby's name in vain. Do I need to start mooning people, too? ( | )

bman said...

This is so nice of you all in some VERY strange way. Sorry to be getting here so late in this decision.

No one necessarily needs to take my place in timeout. From here, I don't have to watch Twilight and those pasty, shiny "vampires"...

Hucklebuck, you don't mean that. Awesome Cat is by name, awesome. It would be like saying Hucklebuck is not huckle or buck. It just isn't so.

And Gumby... well, he's so old school. (or is that old skool? I don't really know.) Just because he's old doesn't make him a bad word. That would be like randomly yelling your grandparents names if you stubbed your toe.

No, I will remain in timeout. It protects me from the weirdos out there...