Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sharing Our Gifts on the Superblog

Okay people. We know the seven gifts of the Spirit. What are the 15 gifts of FOTTSP? My nominations:
Candy- readiness
Sherri-transparency (she'll like that )
Helen-Hungarianness (it truly is a gift)
Shark Bait- cleverness (check out S.B's profile. The whole fish analogy works well with moniker)
Peter-singularity (only one post so far)
Ryan- Chutzpah (He refers to you know who as Stan. OK, I do too now, but it is his fault.)
Annie-Hungarianness (The more the better, wherever you are.)
Steph-sarcasm (Like Hungarianness, the more the better.)

I know that I repeated Hungarianness and sarcasm, but as I explained, we needed extra doses of both anyway. How about you? What gifts would you assign us?

(I don't know who to blame, er, I mean thank for my not being able to get this out of my head, Steph for her comment elsewhere about sarcasm being a gift of the Spirit, or Katdish, for the whole cat slain in the Spirit thing on the Bad Economy post, or Ironic Catholic for the video. The point is, I absolve myself. That is all you really need to know.)


Helen said...

I hope I didn't miss anyone. I did count, but I wasn't ever really good in Math. (Shhhh. Don't tell anyone. I did teach Math to my students. Most of them could count...I think.)

Nick the Geek said...

I believe I operate in multiple gifts. Specifically, orneryness, geekyness, sarcasticness, and maybe a smidge of pastoralness.

Marni said...

When my oldest was in kindergarten, they did a Mother's Day book in which the teachers asked them questions about their mom's. When the teacher asked Lindsay what my "special gift" was, Lindsay said "She can keep toilets REALLY clean" there you go. I am Marni, and my gift is scrubbing potties.

Beth needs some cool superhero title. Did you read her post about 3 kids and the grocery store?? Heroic.

I think Candy should also be Doggie Hospice. What a sweet heart she has to care for her dog in the last days...

Nick needs something about "Airport Complainer"...he used to whine a lot on SCL about DFW International...Ten bucks says he'll whine again on here since I just brought it up.

Helen is like our Hall Monitor sometimes. Let's get her a badge and clipboard because I think she would TOTALLY take names if the situation warranted it. Plus I nominate her as our Sommelier. She loves Jesus, but she drinks a little.

Helen said...

Thanks Marni. Sommelier. Sounds so much classier than wine steward. Or the other possibilies...

Nick the Geek said...

Don't remind me. We just booked our tickets to go visit the in-laws this summer and we have to go through DFW on the way there and back. I'm gonna need a couple of vacations to recover from all of that.

Seriously that airport is bad enough when you aren't on your way to visit in-laws with 4 children 5 and under. I think we are likely to lose one while rushing from one end to the other.

Helen said...

You called it , Marni.

Marni said... about this? to help you out at DFW. Free shipping and helmets. Heckuva deal man!

Nick the Geek said...

Only if I can get it equipped with a cow pusher and spiked spinners on the wheels. I want to make a nice wide path.

Stacey said...

Wowee - patience? I was just praying for more this week. Thanks Helen! I know you've had to learn a bit about that one too.

(and now I have the Guns N Roses song in my head!)

Beth said...

Thanks, Helen. Thanks, Marni.

I think I'm coming off a little too saintly around here....time to post something devious!

But really, Nick, you are going to fly with 4 kids 5 and under??? THAT is a hero, folks. I have not flown in an airplane since becoming a Mom, with or without kids. Wow, that's kind of sad.

The Beth Airplane Vacation Fund is now taking donations.

katdish said...

Okay...I'm going to have to take issue with Stacey's gift of patience; or did everyone else miss the fact the she confessed to killing Hucklebuck with an axe on my blog?

Beth - sweetness? Well, she is sweet, but I prefer "Bessie Higganbottomness" as her spiritual gift.

Candy? She's more like a transformer. I would never have guessed how funny and clever she was on her blog, because she's mostly just sweet over there. (Same applies to Stacey, who murdered Hucklebuck with an axe.)

Marni is spot on, though.

Stacey said...

Oh katdish, you overlook the fact that I lived very patiently with Huck for 10 years before the little axe incident. Why would you focus only on the negative?

(Quietly hoping Hucklebuck would come out of hiding to prove that he is alive and well. Hey folks, my laundry room didn't remodel itself!)

Bessie said...

Don't you go talkin' bout my bottom!

sherri said...

Helen- you've pegged us all1

sherri said...

The little 1 is supposed to be an explanation point.

I didn't even know you could make a little 1.
Look how little it is in that commment.

I couldn't do it again if I tried!

Oh well. You might want to add something about my transparent typos as a spiritual gift.

I'm so transparent, I don't even try to hide them.

Candace Jean July 16 said...

My gift of readiness (?) is so awesome that I'm the last one to comment as this post is put out to pasture. It's because I've been using my 35 years of nursing skillz to try to take care of and clean up after an animal that can't talk to me. Can't even give me a 1-10 on the pain scale :( Gettin' closer to that Rainbow Bridge....

I'd switch things up a bit.

1. Helen is pastorness (or however Sherri would smell it).
2. Nick is a minister for the lame because he helped me with my blog code when I was too stoooopid to do it myself. Poor guy was also blessed with cluelessness when he decided to get plane tickets for 4 kids under 5. Cluelessness can really be a blessing - trust me on that one. I married it.
3. Marni-Commentilisciousness. Spot. On.
4. katdish - channels animals for our spiritual well-being
5. steph - no fruits of the spirit will survive at her place. Black thumbiness. Nice pots, though.
6. Hucklebuck - elusiveness. He showed up on Facebook tonight.
7. Beth - was probably a nun in a former life, but got kicked out of the convent when she insisted they study Pig Latin rather than the traditional Latin.
8. Stacey - 3 words. I. NEED. CRAWFISH.
9. Shark Bait - captionaholic

If it wasn't so tired in here I'd finish. Later, friends. Puppy Upper time.

katdish said...

Glad to hear Huck was on facebook. I was beginning to worry about him...

(Hint: acey-Stay axe-ay)

Hucklebuck said...

Hey everybody...I'm alive! Sorry I haven't been more active in the blog world lately.

Speaking of axes, I'm thinking about buying a guitar to play at church, but I'm a little short on cash. Would you guys be interested in a pyramid scheme where I take your money and you get nothing in return?

Hucklebuck said...

By the way, we were discussing pyramid schemes at a family get-together this weekend and how nobody ever tells the truth about them, so I thought I would be honest about it and see if it works.