Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Tell me that this group has some awesome pranks planned today. I'm so excited that this April Fool's is on a Wednesday. I have the best prank planned for tonight. I'm keeping it close right now but I'll be posting tomorrow. Till then let me share one of my favorite pranks gone bust.

In my first year of college we decided to prank our RA. He was spending all of his time with his GF and we wanted to get some attention too. Actually we liked him being gone all the time so we could get away with pretty much anything. He was going to meet his GFs family so we knew we had the entire night to pull off the prank. We got all the supplies together and used a very useful bit of information to gain access to his room.

All the keys were designed off of 3 key sets. The dorm key, the dorm master, and the grand master. Because of this there is very little difference between the various dorm keys and if you wiggle the key as you gently turn you can gain entrance to most dorm rooms. Good to know huh?

Well our plan was to rearrange his room upside down. We got everything we needed to hang the bed from the ceiling and everything. It was going to be awesome. All of the books and posters and such were flipped upside down and the bed was being taken apart when we got word from the lookout that he was coming back. Apparently he had forgotten something and turned around to come back. It was very frustrating.

Anyways, I was in the middle of flipping everything on his computer and installing a scrolling phrase screen saver with a riddle that had to be solved for the password and I needed to get out before he came in so I had them stall him with a fight at the top of the stairs. We got the bed mostly back together and out of the room before he came in. He walked in grabbed a bag he left and went back out. Everyone got really freaked by the whole thing and wouldn't go back because they were worried about getting caught.

Late that night he came in a crashed. Quite literally actually. The bed wasn't finished and so it fell apart when he laid down. The next morning he was trying to figure out what was going on and who did it but didn't notice all his posters and stuff were flipped till much later in the day. Not once did he question me. Later that afternoon he came to me "about the computer." My heart jumped because I knew he found out I did it.

Actually he didn't. He wanted my help to fix the computer. I went in and commented about the posters being upside down. That is the first time he noticed. His reaction was a mix between exasperation and acceptance. I almost felt bad but not enough to say anything because honestly I wished we had been able to complete the prank and I was going to milk what little we did as far as we could. I told him the screen saver had a password and asked if he knew what it was. He gave me the answer to the riddle, which I had programed, and we got into the computer. I asked him what screen saver he wanted and everything (as if I didn't know how it was setup originally) and got it all back exactly like he had it. Then he asked me to take the password off, but I counseled him to change it so it would be harder to make it happen the next time.

That is when he told me what password to use so I password protected his computer from those evil hackers but not so much from myself. As I left I began scheming on how to take advantage of my new found power. A few days later, though, one of the hall trouble makers was being grilled on the prank by the RA in the hall. I was walking by when the snitch blurted out, "he did it. Nick is the one that messed with your computer."

This was the best part of course. The RA looked at me in shock, "You did it? But you helped me. You fixed the computer. How did you do it? It never even occurred to me you might have done it."

That, of course, is why I have been able to pull off some awesome pranks. People just assume I wouldn't.

This is my best prank that never was. What about you? Got something planned for today? Do anything awesome in the past?


Chester the Cat said...

I am not a prankster. I take life very seriously.

Harold the Dog said...

Don't listen to him. A little catnip, and he's a stitch.

Bunnicula and his cotton tail said...

( 0 )

Candace Jean July 16 said...

I have two I could tell you but they are so long and I'm so tired that perhaps they would make a good blog post. Someday. But I'm laughing. They were both very funny....