Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Walking on Goldfish

For a description please see Fun and Games.

My favorite is the girl in the white shirt up on her tip toes with her knees in and feet out. Somehow that will get her safely across the tarp.


Shark Bait said...

This is wrong on so many levels!

And I love each of them. :-D


Nick the Geek said...

The worst part is the fish were only given a small reprieve before being put in an Oscar tank. ... It's a fish eat fish world out there.

Steph at The Red Clay Diaries said...


I wanna be in your youth group.

And I promise, I would totally pay attention to you and stop fooling around when you tried to get the group's attention.

Just don't seat me next to Katdish.

Or Helen. Or Annie. Or Beth. Or Sherri...

I think tiptoe girl had a good strategy! Oh wait. The objective WASN'T to look ridiculous? Nevermind.

Nick the Geek said...

No that was the objective of another game we did that night.

Sometimes I almost feel bad because I get to have so much fun at the expense of the Youth and they enjoy it. Almost.

Oh, and we have a very special seat that isn't next to anyone you can sit in. That way we know you will behave yourself.

Helen said...

Nick, I think you will need eight of those chairs for us M8 Pantsers.

Beth said...

Whatever. I was a perfect kid. During Youth Group.

Now the other 96% of my time....

Richard said...

I was under the impression there would be actual goldfish.

Marni said...

"Somebody go pay the pizza guy." "YOU have the money!" "Oh yeah." Hahahaha. Love it :)

Yes Nick, this video solidifies my resolve to do this at the next movie night my 17 year old hosts at our home...or maybe at her 18th birthday party in May. Oh the possibilities!!!!

And I also want to be in your youth group. I'll gladly sit in between Steph and Katdish so they'll misbehave.

Marni said...

I meant behave!! They already misbehave without ANY help from me ;)

Nick the Geek said...

Yeah, Marni, that is what we call a Freudian slip.

I have come to a few conclusions. I need adults in Youth to help out. Those adults should be nothing like me. For every adult like me we need two like my wife. Right now we have the adults in balance but that leaves no one to watch the students. Not good at all. As you can see form the video.

Matt @ The Church of No People said...

First, that video was awesome.

Second, this comment is for all 16 of you authors, to let you know that I still read this and your other blogs, I have just not been able to comment in the last couple of weeks, which is not an excuse, I'm just a terrible person, and Katdish brought to my attention what a terrible person I am by coming on my blog and crying about how her blog is just not as good without a comment from me punctuating her posts. So sorry Katdish, sorry everyone. Sorry.

Candace Jean July 16 said...

So do you think this would be appropriate for a bridal shower I have coming up? It would involve young women, but also older ladies using walkers with tennis balls and maybe a cane or two.

If anyone needs any REAL fantail goldfish for a prop, I have about 150 I need to get rid of so come on by. My pond has way too many, and I don't want to sacrifice them. They are so pretty! We're nigh on breeding season so there will be hundreds more in a month or so.

And for the record, I didn't read the description of the game like I was instructed, and thought they were walking on Goldfish crackers and couldn't understand what all the hype was about. OK, I'm slow.

Annie K said...

Actually Matt, Katdish was just kind of being a tool.

Steph at The Red Clay Diaries said...

What Annie said.

katdish said...

Candy -

You have 150 GOLDFISH?!? How big is that pond?

I felt kind of bad for the kid in the dark grey shirt. I would really NOT enjoy that game. Not at all. Ewh!

Nick the Geek said...

Candace Jean,

This would be very appropriate for the Bridal Shower. The first time we did it I made one of my adult workers go through without knowing what was coming. Actually I told her in advance everything except for the all important switch so it took a lot of coaxing to get her up. She ended up falling and squishing about 3 with her hand.

The second time was in church on a Youth night with the adults. I had a somewhat older lady go first and she stepped on one then screamed in a way that frightened me. I think it was the clutching the chest that really sold it. I honestly thought I had killed someone.

BTW I also highly recommend doing the Dance Dance Evolution with this crowd. I'm serious. I had a 70 some year old lady doing this game Sunday night. People were laughing so hard. You can read about it here and I give you permission to use the song mix I made. The link is in the part explaining the game.

Also, if I could I would take a great number of the goldfish off your hands.

Yeah I've really slacked on commenting on as many blogs including yours. What can I say other than I am busy so I figure others are busy too.

Annie and Steph,

Are you talking about the one that fell? He was cool with it. The one I felt most sorry for was the one that screamed as I was handing the camera off. She was really shaken up by the game. You can see her face in one of the other shots after she knew it wasn't a fish and she is still bothered.

sherri said...

If you can't walk on water, walking on fish would be the next logical choice for a youth group.

Looks like fun- for others- I would quit going to a church that tricked me into walking on golfish barefooted. Even with the promise of pizza.
But I'd sit around and watch others do it.

Candace Jean July 16 said...

@katdish - the bottom pool is only about 20 X 12 so you see I'm overcrowded. I started with 3 fish. Mary, Joseph, and Jesus from Walmart - 19 cents a piece. Then we had a few disciples. Now it's sort of like feeding the multitudes. Then they lay eggs, the frogs start mating, and we have literally thousands of tadpoles and guppies. I give away as many as I can and even put up "free fish" signs. Sometimes the pond club comes over and trades some water hyacinth for fish. I never do anything to the water. They survive IA winters just fine and keep multiplying!

Nick the Geek said...

The law of Goldfish survivability.

The likelihood of a goldfish to survive and multiply is inversely proportional to the desire of the human to see the goldfish live time the sum of the age of the human subtracted from 100)

In other words, the older a person is and the less they care about the life of the fish the longer the fish will live and procreate.

If you give a fish to a young girl she will fall in love instantly and the fish will be going down the toilet by the end of the evening.

Shark Bait said...

Nick, you are such a Geek!

(And I am SO stealing that formula!!!)