Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Snuggie Mother Lode

A Snuggie.
Home made (skillz required).
A Snuggie Pub Crawl.
Only in Iowa, home of the Field of Dreams.

Yeah, is this Heaven? No, it's Iowa.


Helen said...

Yeah, Chicago has one too. My heart is swelling with pride. Or maybe not.

katdish said...

Okay - just for the record, I have resisted the temptation to share this particular acronym in the past. But by posting this link, you have forced my hand.

IOWA = "Idiots Out Walking Around"

(Except for Candy, of course...)

Helen said...

Katdish, I promise that my new sheets are not Martha Stewart's brand. May I come out of time out now, please?

katdish said...

Helen -

Okie dokie!