Friday, March 6, 2009

I really hate to do this but....

Katdish drew first blood.

Publicly, on Helen's neutral peace loving blog, RANDOM MUSINGS, katdish was "secretly" talking about me and I guess she thought I'd never be the wiser (cause yesterday was my Pay Day and I was out lookin' for bargain shoes!).

Well, I came back home early, and WASN'T in a good mood due to the fact that there were no good shoe bargains, and the great deals were only for ladies with HUGE FEET (which I can't wear since I'm in an adorable size 6 1/2).

I read in her comment where she calls me a MUNCHKIN!

Well, folks, THEM'S FIGHTIN' WORDS!!!

All I "heard" was BRING.IT.ON!

SO, this little munchkin is going to stoop even lower (yes folks, it's possible) and I'm going to guide you to my Dear Gabby site and allow you to read some past comments,(do about halfway down) then pay particularly close attention to Gabby's comment about the CULT KATDISH is the leader of over at Hey, Look a Chicken.

I didn't plan to expose her cult on THIS site, but she left me no choice.

She called me a munchkin.

Read it and decide for yourself.

But WHATEVER YOU DO, DON"T LOOK INTO HER WINDOW TO THE SOUL, and NEVER, under any circumstances, receive or wear a SNUGGIE sent to you by her.

Trust me. You'll wear it and will turn into a totally different person!

Just ask Beth.

My work is done here.


katdish said...

Wow. You linked three sites and only one of them was yours. Color me impressed, Scrappy Doo.

Steph at The Red Clay Diaries said...

Oh my gosh! And I thought I was imagining things when I wore MY Snuggie and it whispered "all work and no sarcasm make Stephanie a boring blogger" over and over.

I'm burning it today.

(But you gotta admit, anyone who wears "adorable size 6 1/2" shoes is kinda a munchkin.)

(Aaaaah, That was the Snuggie talking! Ack! Urgh! ...gurgle.... Send help!)

sherri said...

katdish- first, you being the QUEEN OF SELF PROMOTION, I don't think you need to be pointing out my linking to my site - and the SCRAPPY DOO comment was just over the top!

Now I'm really ticked!

I have to go to work today- SO UNFAIR, because I won't be here to defend myself or to keep others from being hypnotized by your window.

Steph- see what I mean? And, If you don't watch it, I'll take my prophecy back!


♥ Kathy said...

LMAO y'all crack me up :D

Helen said...

Sherri, I appreciate all the love you sent me. I really don't think Katdish is running a cult and converting people via snuggies. There are fifteen people contributing to this site, and only to have received these socalled cult enhancers from her. If she was the leader of a Snuggie Cult, don't you think she would have a more efficient outreach program.
And I still don't believe Beth was bought. She is our little peacemaker. Peacemakers can't be bought.
Nick, don't be afraid of a little ol' catfight. Beth will protect you! ;-)

Candace Jean July 16 said...

DO NOT through the Snuggie away. Send it to me. (Wash it first).

Sherri went so far as to give Helen a shout out at Pete's Place ...that was some shameless self promotion? Whoa baby. That's bringing it.

And seriously, who wears a 6 1/2 shoe? Well, I might have in first grade. But now I'm tall. And I not be able to stand upright very easily if I wore a 6 1/2 now.

Marni said...

This makes total sense. Kat's been stalking me on Twitter insisting I tell her to make homemade vodka. She hasn't given me a Snuggie, but is that the "phase II" of her plan to take over my brain that I should be on the alert too? Thanks Helen, for your PSA.

PS--Not that I condone munchkin comments, but 6 1/2 is freakishly small for a woman's feet. Those are the sizes always in abundance at Payless, which says to me, no one buys them because no one can wear them. Something to think about...

Helen said...

Marni, this was posted by Sherri. I am trying to convince people to embrace their inner snuggie. It is Sherri whom you want to thank.

Marni said...

I knew that...I typed the wrong name. I must be more upset about the vodka thing than I realized...

Helen said...

Marni, BTW, word to the wise...never describe anything about Sherri as "freakishly small". I think the words you were looking for are "uniquely petite". There is no way for that to be construed negatively.
Beth, where are you. We need a peacekeeper here already!

noreallyIMNocent said...

cool, cults r like prison cept u dun wory if u drop the soap.

sherri said...

Okay- I'm back from work and just saddened at the rude comments coming from so-called "Christian" sisters.

WHere do I begin?

First, Candy- I learned the shameless self promotion from KATDISH . I couldn't resist. He had Helen's blog name in his title!
And yes, a tall person would look dumb in a 6 1/2 shoe, but I would look dumb wearin' clown sized shoes!

Marni- be very careful- she starts with a small "favor", then WAMMO! SHe lands and you won't even know what hit ya'! SHe passes out those large snuggies 'cause it's easier to catch the runners!
Here's my problem with you. I'm thinkin' we're about the same height, but you use the term "freakishly small" to describe my petite feet.

Helen was right, you should have chosen a better way to describe their size.

Uniquely petite would work. But once someone has slammed my GOD GIVEN attributes, it's hard for me to see them as faithful and trustworthy ever again. You speak like a tall person.

SHe's gotten to you Marni! Hasn't she? DId you make the vodka? DOn't answer her tweetin' twitters. DId you look into her window?

Dang it! I knew it!

She got Marni!

The rest of you--go! Go! Far from here! WHile there is yet hope.

Candace Jean July 16 said...

Little lag in holdin' that SHIFT key down there, Sherri?

And you know we still love you. Really, we do.

sherri said...

CAndy- WHat IS LOve, REally?

WOuld SOmeone WHo REally LOved SOmeone, POke FUn At SOmeone BEcause THeir SHift KEy STicks?

MAybe THere's DOg HAir in it LIke STeph's.
(Okay, I DOn't HAve a DOg, MIne HAs VElveeta in it).

When cult members have attention drawn to their possible cultiness, they do just what you're doing here today Candy- DIVERTING ATTENTION! (and no, the shift key wasn't stuck- that was intentional).

Thus, the Whole "HEY, Look, a CHICKEN" theme.
Need I say more?

noreallyIMNocent said...

I do like me some chicken. The real stuff not what we get in here.

Beth said...

Sorry Helen, I'm not touching this one with a ten foot pole (a pole approximately 2 times the height of certain bloggers, I might add...besides I'm cuddled oh so warmly in a maroon snuggie and don't feel like fighting...these are not the droids you're looking for...mmm chicken is good...) It's been a long week and my peacekeeping abilities have been reduced to pleading with my children to put themselves to bed.

Candace Jean July 16 said...

If it WEren't FOr SHerri's LIttle QUirks, SHe WOuld Be So MUch LEss LOvable, DOn't YOu ALl AGree???

katdish said...

Is it just me, or does this remind you of anyone?

Candace Jean July 16 said...

Hmmm...let me think. Can you say EVERYONE??

Helen said...

I'm with you there Candy. I can't figure out who represents who.

sherri said...

The nicest person on here tonight is the innocent prisoner.

I'll be sure to send him some cookies.

Talk about a life sentence...

noreallyIMNocent said...

I have a bright orange prison-issue Snuggie.

noreallyIMNocent said...

Hey someone dun stole my identity. That ain't right. When I figure out who dun it I'll be comin for you.

For the record they dun giv us snuggies but I heard the warden say somethin bout sluggies. They like snuggies?