Thursday, March 12, 2009

Clayton McDonald

Hey all!

Tonight at Campus Crusade there was an amazing speaker named Clayton McDonald that touched the hearts of the 1,300 students in attendance. He isn't what you would expect but I really wanted to share his story with you all. Here is a link to my post and another link of him speaking at a church service (The video is pretty long but he is amazing. If you want the shortened version you can just read my post.). Please check it out because his story is incredible.

God Bless!


Annie K said...

Ryan (not Nick), I think it's awesome you are involved in CC. My parents have traveled all over the world with them and the Jesus Film project. My mom even got her whole group arrested in Turkey over it. Good times.

Candace Jean July 16 said...

OK Ryan (not Nick)...yeah, that name's sticking...I hadn't intended to cry before work. Your post was beautiful and I'm going to have to finish the video tonight. What an awesome kid with a rock-solid faith. Thank you for sharing.

sherri said...

RNN (Ryan, not Nick),
I read your post and it was great! After work I will go back and listen to him speak.
I love inspiring stories. Just from what you wrote about his life, it makes me cherish mine all the more.
God bless his Momma too!

Anonymous said...

Clayton passed away on March 16th - this young man's story and his life have touched so many.

He knew where he was going but afraid for those that don't know where they will go after death - please continue his work; in the Lord's name.