Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Second Worst Valentine's Gift

(For the worst gift, check out today's post on Hey look a chicken)

Having worked in retail selling women's clothing, I happen to know that most men shopping at the last minute before a birthday or major holiday have no idea what size their wives wear. Almost without fail, no matter who was waiting on one of these men, when asked, "What size does your wife wear?", the answer would invariably be, "She's about your size." Pajamas are really an article of clothing you want to fit. How the heck is a guy supposed to know which size to order? Of course, they also have "all that bath stuff that women love". Dude - PJ's are a great gift. But bust out the car keys and go to the mall for goodness sake! And please keep the receipt -- just in case.

The helpful folks at have thought of everything!
Check out the "cut and paste" section for beautiful and subtle sentiments such as:

"The best part of putting these on is taking them off."
"Wanna slumber? You've got my number."
"Violets are blue. Roses are red. Put on these PJs and let's go to bed."
"These great pajamas are yours to keep. I hope you wear them to bed but you don't go to sleep."
"I'll love you until the end of time, so here are some PJs - your bed or mine?"

Wow. I guess I know what happened to all the folks that got laid off from their jobs at Hallmark. I checked out their website. Can I just say, that there are some seriously ugly pajamas on that site. Some of them are okay, but they look cheap. Besides, what you think is sexier?

Or This?

I know! Right?


Annie K said...

Kat, you know this picture of you screams 'take me seriously or take me to bed!'

Candace Jean July 16 said...

I would consider the ones on the right to be far more attractive in my eyes. There is a close resemblance to the yoga pants, long sleeved thermal shirt, and socks I wear to bed (I "gift" myself a lot)! Besides the little number on the left would make my flannel sheets, down comforter, 2 quilts, and people-sleeping dog and cat look rather, let's say...oxymoronic. To me, the ideal gift (and my husband and I don't exchange them but if we did...) would be yes, the infamous sleeved blanket that has been so maligned in the blogosphere.

sherri said...

I'm sick and tired of people superimposing someone else's face on my body with photoshop!
My lingerie pics get picked up like this ALL the time. It's getting old.

So yes, the lady on the left is ME (well, my body anyway--thanks, I work out) but I prefer the jammies of the lady on the right, whoever she is.

Steph at The Red Clay Diaries said...

I love the pjs on the right! Who sells that kind of pajamagram? All it needs is a little dog hair.

I heard a radio ad about the product above yesterday, and thought to myself, "there's a blog post in this." So congratulations on scooping me!

Nick the Geek said...

hmmm, I won't comment on the jammies because I'm not stupid enough to say the things I might normally say and not smart enough to lie appropriately.

I will say my wife wanted to get her nails done so that is her gift. Made my life super easy this year so as far as I'm concerned that can be her gift to me. Making m life easier is better than any gift she might otherwise buy me.

Annie K said...

Nick, you are a very smart man.

Helen said...

She looks cold, someone should give her a sweater...

Annie K said...

Helen, when Kat took this picture it was like 80-sumthin' degrees in Texas. I don't think she's cold.

Oh, you mean the OTHER picture. The one where it looks like the gal has gas?

sherri said...

Annie, the "other Gal" is ME!

Helen- I wasn't that cold...I was actually HOT!

Beth said...

Oh no, I'm missing out on some funny stuff! True story: My friend's husband and my friend were watching TV and the pajamagram commercial came on. He said, "Don't expect to get one of those." She thought...did I say I wanted one??
He continued, "I went to the website and those are EXPENSIVE! I could get the same thing at JC Penny for 25 dollars!"
Sherri, you look tall in that picture...

Mare said...

aaah! Fyne TOTALLY walked out in the "who's your daddy" shirt the other day. I laughed...a lot. I forgot I had seen it before. =)

sherri said...

Beth- I used to be MUCH taller. I'm not sure what happened.