Saturday, February 7, 2009

Ig-pay Atin-lay Or-fay Ummies-day

E-thay idebar-say ays-say at-thay I-ay each-tay Ig-pay Atin-lay on-ay Aturday-say ights-nay. Onight-tay e-way art-stay ith-way e-thay asics-bay. Usually-ay I-ay o-gay o-tay urch-chay on-ay Aturday-say ights-nay, ut-bay I-ay am-ay ommitted-cay o-tay aking-may is-thay e-thay ost-may ediculous-ray og-blay ever-ay.

Ay-say it-ay ith-way e-may...

Irls-gay ule-ray.

oys-bay ool-dray.

Ank-thay ou-yay.

Ove-lay, Ofessor-pray Eth-bay

Ostscript-pay: Ere-thay ill-way ow-nay e-bay ee-fray offee-cay in-ay e-thay estibule-vay after-ay ass-clay (ort-snay).


Candace Jean July 16 said...

First off, I'm sad we lost a follower. Someone doesn't like snark. Oh well.

I had to read this out loud to my husband to understand it. It must have taken you hours to write (and only a second to snort).

I-ay ent-way o-tay urch-chay or-fay ou-ya. Izza-pay in-ya e-thay estibule-vay on-ya aturday-say. uummm-yay.

ankyouverymuch-thay Ofessor-pray Eth-bay.

How'd I do?

Helen said...

Okay, who did we lose? Last time I counted heads, we had twelve. Who do I have to go round up. Hold the bus until I bring them back, I don't care if they are scheduled to go pick someone up. No one gets left behind.

Candace Jean July 16 said...

I'm sure we had 13 this morning. I mean, who sits around on Saturdays counting followers, and only needing 3 limbs to do it?

No, please....leave NO ONE behind. We may have to ear-tag them. That's what we do to cattle here in I-O-way.

Helen said...

You're the expert Candy, I think we'll leave the ear tagging to you...

sherri said...

Beth, I'm glad you went to all that trouble for little ole us! And I like your book addition to the side bar!

We probably lost someone who can't read a foreign language and they thought that all subsequent posts would be written in pig-Latin.
(Latin is the mother tongue, but not everyone knows of its history, so I am glad you are offering the book.)

Nick the Geek said...

um, wow that took a lot of thinking to read correctly only to find out that I drool. I promise it is only in my sleep and only if I happen to get a nap which isn't so often.

I don't know why I drool when I nap but not when I sleep at night. Strange.