Friday, January 30, 2009

What I learned this week:

What have I learned this week?

  1. That you don't necessarily need an advanced degree or any customer service experience to work for the Snuggie Company.

  2. That a warm bed, a hot meal and a roof over your head is better than living on the streets, even if all those luxuries happen to be at the county jail.

  3. That I really wished when I started reading the bible, someone had taped together all the pages except for Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. I think I would have understood Jesus much better if I had concentrated on his life and ministry before I moved on to the rest of the bible.

  4. That I can read the gospel of Mark in one day, but John is going to take a bit longer.

  5. That, if there was ever any doubt in my mind before, I am completely convinced that not only is Jesus the Savoir of the world and our only true hope, he was also the coolest dude that ever walked the face of the earth - period.

  6. That one, never-ending email can often be more amusing than reading a dozen or so blogs.

  7. That my blog seems to attract musicians, even though I don't play an instrument.

  8. That prayer is a very powerful thing indeed.

  9. That Steph was not, in fact, ever a stripper.

  10. That the creative mind can come up with some pretty impressive diversions when faced with finishing the laundry:

(This package won't take nearly as long to arrive as the Snuggies!)


Annie K said...

I was relieved to hear that Steph was not a stripper...although we all have things in our past we're not that proud of.

sherri said...

Just 'cause she SAYS she wasn't doesn't really mean she wasn't. Really, we don't even know that much about her except for what she tells us. I'm just sayin'.


heartafire said...

WOW...cannot get over the cool OneFishTwoFishRedFishKatDish container.

Do you sell these?

And I mean it, will you really be my best friend? (I'm sort of worried bec. I remember reading on one of your posts somewhere that you can't stand fakey-fake people, and sometimes I am one. But I am completely sincere in wanting you for a best friend.)

sherri said...

Sweet little containers. My kids would have loved this kind of stuff when they were young. WHere were you when I needed you katdish?

katdish said...

Sherri -

ummmm....where was I when they were young? I was probably reading Dr. Seuss books and laughing REALLY, REALLY hard. (Ask Al about that.)

MC Helen as Dory said...

Katdish, didn't you say you and Sherri are the same age? I am confused!

katdish said...

MC Helen as Dory -

We are the same age, but I didn't get married until I was 30. I had several more years to sow my wild oats, so to speak...

sherri said...

Helen, I think what she was saying is, back in the day, the circles that she and Big AL were running with LAUGHED ALOT, for no apparant reason. (Did you see Cheech and Chong?)

Thank God for His mercy! Seriously.
He saved two beautiful people from destruction!

Love you, katdish!

katdish said...

Sherri's right. I laughed about alot of things that just weren't that funny, including my life. And even though I don't always act like it, I am forever grateful for God's mercy and grace. Love you, too!

Beth said...

Oh my goodness, you are sneaky!! I love it!
This is much better than my old cardboard box.

I can't wait to get it!!!!

sherri said...

Okay, katdish, I'm jelaous.
I would like a personalized gift as well.

You can even misspell my name, I don't care.

Start spinning those creative wheels.
I'm sure you can come up with some sarcastic gift with a typo on it!

( I think you owe me something from a long time ago that the first 10 requesters were supposed to recieve! I don't even remember what is was, but today I remember you owe me SOMETHING. SO pay up or I'm sending my gangsta peeps to Texas to settle this score!

It won't be pretty. I'm just sayin'.

sherri said...

Did you notice that there was no closing parenthesis in that comment?

katdish said...

HA! I was waiting to see who would play the "What About Me?" card, and I was prepared to eat my hat if it wasn't Sherri. So thanks, I really like my hat. Everyone will get something, but I have to allow the creative waves wash over me. This usually happens on laundry day.

Steph at The Red Clay Diaries said...

HEY! What is going on around here?! It appears that the rumors of my former life are taking on a life of their own.

Here I am, minding my own business, getting too busy in real life to blog or comment, and y'all use my absence as an opportunity to slander me!

Planky, I've got my eye on you. (And I guess you've got your eye on a plank...)

PS Pay no attention to any pictures that APPEAR to be of me. Not me. No way. I've never even been to Tahiti.

MC Helen as Dory said...

Katdish, I am sorry. I know I kid sometimes, but this time I wasn't making fun. I thought you were claiming to be a kid when Sherri had kids, and was like, wait a minute, we can't reinvent our ages now that we have admitted them.

Which reminds me, I used to tell my students I was born waaaaaaaaaay after the moon landing, which made them look it up, and make them guess years after 1969. I never mentioned how I define waaaaaaaaaaay! I never lied to them, I just redefined waaaaaaaaaaay to my liking.

Wendy said...

I just randomly wandered in here and see that there are interesting things going on. I don't know who any of you are, but still I have to say that I'm actually a little bit disappointed about Steph not being a stripper because I don't have any former-stripper friends and I think I need one because I lead a very boring life.

Sad, I know. I must just hang out in all the wrong places. Or maybe all the right places. I'm not sure now. I'll get back with you on that. ;-)

Candace Jean July 16 said...

Welcome, Wendy! I've never been to Wendy's but heard their hamburgers are pretty good.

This commenting is totally out of control because do the comments have anything to do with the post? NO!! Well, sort of, in a katdish kind of way. BUT I'M ALWAYS LAST!!!

I have two things to say:
@Katdish - I'm with you on MML&J but I'd still need my Proverbs. And perhaps Galatians. Just sayin'
that container would be big enough to hold the 15 bean soup I made last weekend because I sort of went overboard.

And thus, things are overboard in my house this week.

Helen said...

Hi Wendy. I actually do know a former Chip N Dale dancer. Actually, I used to know him. We went to grammar school together. No big whoop.

Steph at The Red Clay Diaries said...

WHY does my not-stripping keep coming up?! I just want to leave my past behind me. You know, hakuna matata!

katdish said...


As you can see, you have stumbled upon a group of crazy people. But you're an artist, right? So you can relate to crazy.

I'm a bit worried about Candy. It appears she has a mild case of Sherri with full onslaught Katdish.

wv: cymato - Oh, something funny...I gotta go pack for my One Day of Awesomeness...

P.S. - Steph - They only came in blue, but I totally got you one!